Sunshine Spot vol. 6

Tiny details that made my week great. 하나. Meetings can be very draining BUT if the meeting ends on a good note it is such an energy booster. I am glad that my meeting earlier in the week was exactly like that. I am honestly excited about the outcome. 둘. It’s been very rainy lately … Continue reading Sunshine Spot vol. 6

The Highlights of My 2018

Now that 2018 is done, there are some things I’d like to highlight. Entertainment Black Veil Brides/ Andy Black This band is hands down the most surprising thing that I ended up liking this year. Who would have thought that I would end up liking a rock band? Definitely not me. Concerts I know this … Continue reading The Highlights of My 2018

My Current Favorite TV Shows

Lately, I have been watching Netflix a lot. I have really been loving it, which is a surprise ’cause I used to not watch any shows.

10 Facts About Coco

If you’ve read Coco’s blog post, then you already know that this year we’re celebrating 10 years of our friendship!