New Beginnings and Cake

Bean & Yolk | January 2019 Yes, as usual, this post is late. Last month we went to Bean & Yolk to have a little(-ish) lunch meeting about a new venture me, Coco, and, our friend, Kaz are planning. Now, I would love to tell you all about what we have planned for 2019 BUT … Continue reading New Beginnings and Cake

Korean Snack Haul

Me and Coco decided to combine two things we absolutely love, food and ANYTHING KOREAN! Since we are generally surrounded by a bunch of Korean grocery stores we explored the shit out of their snack aisle and got a ton of snacks that we’ve never tried before. So, here we go! Let me tell you about what we think of them!

The Highlights of My 2018

Now that 2018 is done, there are some things I’d like to highlight. Entertainment Black Veil Brides/ Andy Black This band is hands down the most surprising thing that I ended up liking this year. Who would have thought that I would end up liking a rock band? Definitely not me. Concerts I know this … Continue reading The Highlights of My 2018