The Cycle of Improvement

What’s up buttercup? How are you doing? As I am writing this, we have officially reached the 4th month of lockdown here in the Philippines. A lot, myself included, has chosen to use this time to improve one’s self. The journey to becoming a better version of myself has surely not been an easy one. … Continue reading The Cycle of Improvement

July 2020 PV Promotions

Get to know this months promo goodies! NingXia Red 30 Singles // 350PV Giving your body what it needs while on-the-go can be simple! With our convenient 2oz. single-serve packets, you don’t ever have to go without your daily wolfberry boost! Pack it in your bag or lunch box so you can get your dose … Continue reading July 2020 PV Promotions

How To Set Systems

How do you do cockatoo? In the previews post, I talked about the difference between goals and systems and why you should be focusing on the systems you put into practice. Today, I want to talk about how you can create a system that can give you optimal productivity, peace, and a sense of calmness. … Continue reading How To Set Systems