A 2020 First

First experience of the new year! I tried airsoft for the first time! *insert happy dance here* I’m not gonna lie I wasn’t the best but I had loads of fun. I thought we were gonna be with beginners but I was wrong. We were with people who have done airsoft for who knows how … Continue reading A 2020 First

Sunshine Spot vol. 10

Things that made my month of November great. L A T E L Y I saw Honne live!!! Need I say more? I bought Funko Pops! I have always wanted to start collecting them and I finally started. I got three characters. I got Monica and Joey from Friends, and I got Legolas from Lord … Continue reading Sunshine Spot vol. 10

Sunshine Spot vol. 9

Things that made my month of October great. How is October already over? I swear it was just June a few weeks ago. Time needs to slow down a little ’cause I am struggling to keep up. L A T E L Y Got to visit Maxima after so many months. Joey had a photoshoot! … Continue reading Sunshine Spot vol. 9