We’re the yin to each other’s yang, the Chandler and Joey to our non-existent F.R.I.E.N.D.S alternate life, the sister we both wished we were blessed with, we’re… Coco and Jeff.

Jokes aside, Hi! Welcome to our blog. Here’s a little intro as to who we are! If you couldn’t tell from the first sentence, we’re both really close friends. We’ve been friends since we were in the 6th Grade and now that we’re in our 20s we decided to create this lovely space to record all our fun, crazy, and downright dumb adventures. Expect everything from travelling to tv shows to food, to literally anything under the sun. x, Coco & Jeff

ABOUT PAGE-COLEENHow do I even begin to explain Coco? Get it? Mean Girls? Regina George? Anyway, I’m Coco. My real name is Coleen but my professor in college started calling me Coco and it stuck. I’m the girl with glasses you see in Jeff’s social media accounts. It’s hard to miss me. I do social media managing and from time to time I model.

I guess now I tell you the things about me. Here I go! I like Manchester City. I like working out. I like eating. I like listening music. I don’t like cucumbers. I don’t like pandesal. I don’t like cereal with milk. x, Coco

ABOUT PAGE-JEFFREYBefore I get into anything, yes, my name is really Jeffrey and yes it’s a guys name. It’s a long story. Moving on… I’m a photographer/art director from Manila, Philippines. If you often don’t see my face in our photos, it’s most likely because I’m the one taking the photo. Unlike Coco, I’m much more comfortable behind the camera/keyboard than in front of it.

To sum up who I am and what I like:

I’m a… Parawhore, IG grid-whore, Army, and a hardcore Olicity-shipper. I really hope you guys know what those words mean cause if not you’ll just be really confused at this point. x, J

There you have it folks, Coco & Jeff, an Intro.

Artwork by: Angela Reyes