How I Read More

What’s up buttercup?

One of my goals this year is to be able to read at least 12 books before the year ends. My track record when it comes to accomplishing this goal is very poor, HOWEVER, I am slowly improving.

I’d like to share some of the things I’ve been doing to help me read more. I’m pretty sure that everything that I am going to say here is something that you’ve heard before but they helped me read faster than I usually do so I thought it is worth sharing.

Always have a book

This is the simplest one out of everything I am gonna share. Wherever you go, make sure to have a book or whatever reading device you use with you. If you are not used to reading for long periods of time, having a book on hand helps you get into the habit of reading here and there instead of scrolling through the internet. When I started doing this I found myself reading all the time—in the car on the way to work, waiting for appointments, waiting for the ride home, and the list goes on.

Since we are still in lockdown in the Philippines and we can’t go out, what I have been doing is picking up a book during my downtimes instead of scrolling through the internet.

Find what you enjoy reading

I read several genres before I figured out which ones I enjoy and which ones I can’t seem to get through. Besides reading books, I highly suggest reading articles, blogs, magazines, and other reading materials so you can have a look around and see what is out there and which ones are for you.

Find out how you read best

Ask yourself two questions.

  1. What are your options & preferences? 
    • Do you like reading using a device or do you prefer an actual book? Do you prefer listening to your book?
  2. How can you fit this into your lifestyle?
    • Do you have time to read or do you have to make time to read? This sort of circles back to the first point and I will talk about this more later on.

Don’t hold yourself back, find out what you think is best for you and go for it. Maximize your ways of reading. 

If you see my Instagram account, you’ll notice that I have been using my Kindle a lot. Honestly, I prefer reading physical books but because I haven’t been able to go out and buy new ones, I opted to use a reading device. 

There is no right or wrong way to read

Back then I would never attempt to read more than one book at a time. If I saw a new book that I wanted to read I’d push it back until I finished my current read. This usually discourages me from reading the prior book and I end up not finishing anything. Now I am reading two books at the same time and I honestly feel good about it.

It’s okay to read more than one book just as much as it’s okay to read only one book at a time. There is also nothing wrong with pausing or not continuing a book because it doesn’t make you feel happy anymore or you are no longer enjoying or learning from it.

Create a system

If you know me or you’ve been reading the many many blog posts I’ve written this wouldn’t be a surprise. I love me a good system. Creating a system leads to goals. In this case, the goal is to finish a book. Create an environment for yourself where you can commit to reading your book for x amount of time and commit to it. Do it daily with no fail and results are bound to show up. I committed myself to read for an hour in the morning and an hour at night. This way I can read at least 2 hours a day and that doesn’t include the random times I’d read in the middle of the day.

Another system that you can try is to commit yourself to reading around 20 pages a day. According to James Clear, 20 pages is small enough that it won’t intimidate the reader. 20 seems like a small amount but it adds up fast. Also if you really enjoy what you are reading, once you hit the 20th page you’d want to continue it if time permits.

“Success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”
—James Clear, Atomic Habits

With that, I’ll leave you with a *virtual hug*. Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

x. Coco

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