The Cycle of Improvement

What’s up buttercup?

How are you doing? As I am writing this, we have officially reached the 4th month of lockdown here in the Philippines. A lot, myself included, has chosen to use this time to improve one’s self. The journey to becoming a better version of myself has surely not been an easy one. There are days where I lose my focus and lose track of where I want to be, some days prove to be much easier.

When I seem to lose track of this concept, I always circle back to the cycle of improvement to help myself get back on track. With that said, always remember that progress isn’t a straight line. There will be twists and turns but this doesn’t mean you won’t get back on track.


Identify what needs to be improved. Acknowledge the areas that you need to work on. Once you have acknowledged it, it is much easier to figure out ways you can do to address it.


Focus on the area that needs to be improved and put a conscious effort to fix or better it. For example, you want to work on reading more daily. Set a specific time to read every single day. If you need to set an alarm to remind you, do so. This step is the longest one. It may take weeks or even months.


After putting a conscious effort to improve a certain area in your life, it slowly becomes a habit. If you read every single day at a certain time, soon enough you won’t need a reminder. It would be embedded in your system.

This cycle of improvement keeps going as long as there are still ways you can make yourself better. The road to becoming a better version of yourself is a never-ending one. The world around us is constantly evolving and there are new things to learn each day. Never stop your pursuit to be 1% better each day.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Sending you a *virtual hug*.

x. Coco

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