Aiming For 1% Better Each Day

How do you do cockatoo?

If you follow me on Instagram which you should #shamelesspromo, you would have seen me talk about trying to be 1% better each day. I came across this idea in James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. I liked how this concept seems so simple yet so powerful. Since then I have always kept it in mind.

The whole idea is very self-explanatory. You look for areas of improvement in everything that you do daily. This is the aggregation of marginal gains. Lets take getting ready for work as an example. If you break down every aspect of getting ready for work and you improve every step at least 1%, there will be a significant increase in the result when you add them all up.

1% seems like a small difference but accumulating small but consistent habits will later on give you results. With that said, habits are like a double-edged sword. Bad habits can affect you just as much as good habits can.

Appreciating these small changes can be difficult. This is because more often than not we want instant results. A good example of this is working out. I’m sure that I am not the only one who goes to the gym, smashes a killer workout, and immediately expects to see some sort of result. Sadly that isn’t how things work.

We work very hard to achieve certain goals for ourselves and feel discouraged once faced with a setback. The Plateau of Latent Potential is that area before your breakthrough where you complain about not achieving success even if you’ve worked so hard. Your actual breakthrough usually comes after this.

It is important to remember that progress isn’t linear. We will all face disappointments and setbacks. This doesn’t mean we failed. This just means another avenue of improvement opens.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Sending you a *virtual hug*.

x. COco

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