My Spicy DIY Linen Spray

Yes, we are now getting into the world of DIY-ing, cause what else are we suppose to do during this lockdown? If you’re like me and you suffer from many MANY sleepless nights due to sleep paralysis (it’s very common, nothing to worry about. It sucks. But it’s common.) then making your bedroom a sanctuary is key.

Other than diffusing calming scents, having a night light (yes, I am a 23-year-old woman with a night light), I also make it a point to spray Linen Spray all over my pillows before going to bed. I found that this is a very nice way to (1) disinfect your pillows, cause, well, germs suck and you put your face on your pillows (2) create an extra layer of soothing comfort before you sleep (3) you can use it as a room spray and do a little quick freshen-up. I especially like doing this if I’m doing a home workout in my room and it gets all hot and gross.

I used to buy Linen/Room Sprays a lot and I didn’t mind what was actually in it. I just cared about whether I liked the smell or not. Only to find out that making your own is actually really easy and inexpensive. So here we are, my first of many DIY sprays.

Lavender Essential Oil: Has a floral scent that promotes feelings of calmness and tranquility.

Lemon Essential Oil: Is a popular oil used in disinfectant sprays and has a refreshing scent that’s perfect for lifting the mood.

Purification Essential Oil Blend: This oil is a combination of anti-odor essential oils such as Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Tea Tree Oils. This blend was created to, as the name suggests, purify the air. It has a gingery scent that is surprisingly very soothing.

Mixing these three oils together definitely creates a more spicy and gingery smell, which means that the Purification Oil’s scent overpowers the Lemon and Lavender. Of course, you can change this by just adding more Lavender or Lemon drops, though I do find the spicy scent more different and interesting compared to just your regular Lavender.

That’s about it! Simple right?

If you want to download those cutie patootie essential oil stickers you can download them here for FREE! Cutie Patootie Linen Spray Stickers.

And if you want to learn more about my essential oil journey follow us at @oilhala.exhala in Instagram!

x, Jeff

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