Keeping Sane Whilst Social Distancing

Amidst the outbreak of the COVID-19, a lot of companies all over the world are doing a lot of preventative measures to try and lessen the spread of the virus. One of these measures is social distancing. Whilst the idea of it may sound appealing for others, some are dreading it. I, however, am very much enjoying it.

Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to bury yourself on the couch or bed for weeks with a bag of chips and other snacks while scrolling through the internet. I think it is a great time to catch up on other things or to get productive in the comfort of your own home. So I thought I’d share some of the things that I do when I work from home or when I just stay at home in general.

Be A Little Extra With Your Breakfast

On a regular day, breakfast for me is just a banana but when I am just at home I go a little bit extra. I cook myself a nice meal or I get creative with what we have at home and I make myself a hearty breakfast. It’s simple but I enjoy it.


Since a lot of places are closed and it is also not advisable to be out and about in the next days, working out from home is one way to keep yourself occupied.

Besides my normal workout, I have also been meditating to help myself keep grounded and in control of my energy. Meditation really helps me stay calm with everything that’s been happening.

Read A Book

I know I am not the only one with a pile of books just waiting to be read. Now that social distancing is in order, I think it is the best time to start reading and making a dent on that pile.

Quiet Time

At the end of the day, I like having my quiet time. I light a candle, grab my journal, and start reflecting on the day and everything that’s been happening. I also like to list at least three things I am grateful for then spend at least 3 minutes meditating to wind down.

What do you do when you are just at home to be more productive?

x. Coco

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