Sunshine Spot vol. 9

Things that made my month of October great.

How is October already over? I swear it was just June a few weeks ago. Time needs to slow down a little ’cause I am struggling to keep up.


  • Got to visit Maxima after so many months.
  • Joey had a photoshoot!
  • Sleepover with my high school friends.


Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

I can’t say I fully enjoyed the book because I feel like it ended so abruptly. The stories felt incomplete. Regardless, all 3 stories were an eye-opener about women’s desires about love and sex and how they dealt with it.



Honestly, for the month of October, I just watch Friends. AGAIN. I did start some shows but I don’t know when I am gonna continue those. Maybe after my nth repeat of Friends.


Maleficent 2

I liked the movie except for the first minute or so. I got so dizzy with the POV of Maleficent flying. Also, can I just say that Maleficent’s clothes were so bomb. 💣 I really liked the movie. I totally recommend it.


I watched a Filipino movie! Wooo! It had subs so I got to really understand the movie and appreciate it more. I highly recommend it if you love dogs or even if you don’t it is just such a beautiful movie.

The Addams Family

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Movie night with the titas 🎟️

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The kid in me is so happy! The moment I saw the trailer for The Addams Family movie I knew I had to watch it and of course it didn’t disappoint. I used to watch the series as a kid so best believe I was very excited to see this.

What was the highlight of your October? What are you looking forward to in November?

x. Coco

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