Illustrator Level 1

Since I haven’t written in this site for AGES! I feel the need to share with you what’s been keeping me busy (or I don’t know this is probably just an excuse for my lazy blog-handling). Anyways, one of my new-year goals last January was to finally start learning how to illustrate this year. And guess what? it took me half the year to even open the application. Oopies? At least I got started right? he he he

To be honest, I would attribute my sudden urge to learn illustrator to BTS. Yes, I am BTS trash. Let’s move on. I fell back in-love with their music when they came out with Map of the Soul: Persona and I kept seeing all the beautiful fan art fans were making and I was like hey, I want to make that too! So, here I am, Illustrator level 1.

I still don’t have the slightest clue on how to draw faces but I’m working on it.

x, J