Osaka, Kobe, & Kyoto | 2019

Day 0.5

Ichiran Ramen Dotonbori

This is Day 0.5 cause we took a late flight and we arrived in Osaka around 8pm. Of course, the first thing we had to do was… eat. We stayed at a hotel that was walking distance to Dotondori so we decided to hunt for the famous Ichiran Ramen House for dinner. Needless to say, it was a great way to start the trip off!

Day 1: Kyoto

Moving on to the actual day one! We decided to do the most tourist-y things first so we headed over to Kyoto on our first day. We left the hotel relatively early so we could get a head start since Kyoto is a one-hour train ride away from Osaka.

Tenryuji Temple

This was my second time visiting Kyoto and it still hasn’t failed to amaze me at how beautiful this city is. The contrast between being in Osaka and Kyoto is so different. The structures in Kyoto will really transport it you to the past. (Side note: Thank you to this random girl for being fashionnn which made my photo look 10x better)

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

The Bamboo Grove was definitely one of the things I was most excited about! Cause… duh I love pandas, it’s only right I love bamboos. Though I didn’t get to take many photos since there. were. so. much. tourists. I’ll just have my memories to remember it by.

Nijo Castle

Kyoto International Manga Museum

Day 2: Osaka

Osaka Castle

The first time I went here I didn’t really get to appreciate the place as much as I wanted to since we had a time limit. So, I was really excited to take my time to read and look at everything this time around.

Andante Cafe

Ufotable Cafe

Can’t leave without going to a few themed cafes.

Day 3: Kobe

Kin No Yo Spa

Strip away your fears along with your clothes

Now, this was an interesting experience. We went to Kobe to experience an authentic hot spring. Let me just tell you IT WAS NOT EASY GETTING HERE. I used to think I had a pretty good grasp of the train system in Japan but going around the city is so much easier than figuring out how to get to Kobe. Needless to say, we ended up next to a mountain with no idea where we were. Good thing, the locals were nice. ANYWAY, we successfully found the hot springs. After the stress of the commute there a dip in Kin No Yo’s waters was exactly what I needed. Not to say that I didn’t feel genuinely awkward stripping in front of strangers. But I found comfort in the fact that literally, no one gave a shit. There were even a bunch of titas just going about their day chatting as if they were in a cafe. Overall, it was a lovely experience and I definitely recommend going to one at least once in your life.

The Mark Coffee Supply

Absolutely loved this cafe!

Day 5: Shopping til’ I die

x, J

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