Sunshine Spot vol. 6

Tiny details that made my week great.

하나. Meetings can be very draining BUT if the meeting ends on a good note it is such an energy booster. I am glad that my meeting earlier in the week was exactly like that. I am honestly excited about the outcome.

둘. It’s been very rainy lately and Joey, my dog, hates the rain. He wakes up so early, like 4:30am early, and very cranky which means I wake up very early. I usually don’t get ready for work ’til 6am so I make the most of my time and read until then. It has been a very relaxing time for me. A slow and peaceful way to start my day.

. Ramen night with my friends! I got to spend Friday night with my friends and hangout. We had ramen for dinner and loads of laughs. It was very much needed. I also got an Instax camera so yay! A great way to end the workweek.

넷. This has nothing to do with me but Popeye’s is finally open in ATC! I have only had it outside the country and it is amazing. I haven’t tried it yet cause the line is insane but I will surely report back once I have.

다섯. Impromptu hangout with my brother. We went to get our students license but the LTO was closed so we ended up going to the mall to shop for his school materials. We also had dinner together which was fun.

여섯. I planned to have a chill Sunday at home to catch up with my shows but instead, I got to have lunch with my dad and brother. We even brought Joey along with us. It was really fun despite having to eat in the alfresco area ’cause Joey isn’t allowed inside.

일곱. This is such a small nerdy thing to be grateful for but little accomplishments are still accomplishments. I got to fix the contact page for our work website. Now it is ready for our upcoming promo. You should check it out. #shamelesspromo

여덟. I got to eat in Popeyes with some friends. HANDS DOWN MY FAVOURITE FRIED CHICKEN PLACE! I’ve only had it in Hong Kong and it’s so good to finally have it in the Philippines again. I can’t wait til the hype goes down and it won’t take an hour wait to get in.

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x. Coco