Sunshine Spot vol. 4

Tiny details that made my week great.

하나. If you follow me on Instagram (shameless promo), you may have seen that I have been posting some … well I posted one video of my stretching routine in my IG story. I actually enjoy it. I get to see my form and whatnot. I may keep doing it.

둘. I am really been enjoying some old band songs. I heard them play Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana in the gym and I have been listening to their old songs along with other bands whenever I am listening to Spotify . I feel like my dad would be very proud of me.

셋. Mother’s Daughter Music Video. I don’t really have much to say besides YES!

넷. I bought a poetry book called The Nectar of Pain a while back and I have been enjoying it since but recently I have

다섯. I have been loving the Hey B*tch podcast. They have only released 2 episodes but I really enjoy listening to it. It is hosted by some of the JK girls so if you don’t know who they are I suggest listening to the podcast in YouTube so you have a visual guide as to who is talking.

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June 03
June 04
June 06
June 07

x. Coco

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