March 2019 Journal

For some reason, March felt long but short at the same time. When this post is up, it would be my 22nd birthday. I can’t believe 2019 is going so fast.


I have a couple of highs for this month. First would be that I started keeping a gratitude journal. I do it every night before bed. It is a nice way for me to reflect on my day and see all the things I am grateful for. It is so calming doing this before bed. It really sets my mood for the evening.

Also, this month is when my friend Kaz got her new Beagle. Her name is Maxima and she is the tiniest and most energetic little puppy ever. Her face is just so cute that I wanna squish it whenever I see her.

Speaking of puppies, Joey and I slept over at Kaz’s house towards the end of the month and it was so fun. It was Joey’s first time interacting with other dogs and honestly, it didn’t go so well. The other dogs didn’t like him so much so we had to keep him away from the other doggies. They kept growling at him and Max kept pulling his hair. Despite that, I think he still had loads of fun. Throughout the sleepover, he had a huge grin on his face and it was so nice to see. He loved all the attention he got from everyone.


  • YOU Netflix Series

That is all for the month of March. See you again next month for another journal.

x. C

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