New Beginnings and Cake

Bean & Yolk | January 2019

Yes, as usual, this post is late. Last month we went to Bean & Yolk to have a little(-ish) lunch meeting about a new venture me, Coco, and, our friend, Kaz are planning. Now, I would love to tell you all about what we have planned for 2019 BUT it’s still on the down low sooooo really we’re here to talk about cake.

So, about the cake. Hot damn it was good. As most of my friends know, my favorite cake is the Salted Chocolate Cake from Wildflour. The Wildflour cake is the perfect mixture of salt and sweet. As what Coco would say “decadent… soft… moist… like from the heavens…” But after I tasted the Bean & Yolk Chocolate cake, it’s definitely a contender. It tastes almost exactly the same as it’s Wildflour counterpart. It just needs a little hint of salt and it would’ve replaced the #1 cake in my heart. 

Anyways, the point of this whole post is to show you these cute photos and tell you that the cake is a must try.

x, J 

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