Lessons To Take Into 2019

This post may not be as early as I hoped it would be but we are still doing it.

You can’t be your best all the time, but you can try your best all the time.

Sometimes, your best isn’t gonna be the picture you painted in your head and that is okay. What matters is you know that you gave your best.

Done is better than perfect.

The chase for perfection, sometimes, is what prevents us from starting. The fear that we have inside us that tells us it won’t be good enough is what is pulling us back from even starting something that could be great. Sometimes, just saying that you are starting something is good enough.

Rolling with the punches.

You never know what you are gonna get every single day. The least you can do is to try your best where you are. Make the most of whatever you are getting. No matter how much we plan our day to day lives, something unexpected will happen and you just have to go with it. See where it will take you.


It’s important to push yourself BUT it’s also important to remember that there is only so much you can do before you can push yourself to a full blown burn out. Know when it’s time to rest and give yourself the break you deserve.

Be a potato if you want to be a potato.

In connection to the prior point, listen to your body and give it what it needs.

Planner: The Everyday

Everything is temporary.

No matter how great or bad you are feeling, it is temporary. Don’t be too attached. You can’t be one thing all the time. Let yourself feel whatever you are feeling then when you are ready, let it go.

Time spent on yourself is never time wasted.

Have a relaxing bath or go to the salon. Don’t hesitate to show yourself some love every once in a while. You work so hard and you deserve some alone time and just make yourself feel better.

Make time for what is important.

The people or things you spend most of your time on is a reflection of what is important to you—may it be work, family, friends, etc. We don’t have the time for everything so make sure you spend it on things that are important and will bring you loads of joy at the end of each day.

Touch your items only once.

I don’t remember who said this. The whole point of it is only touching your items once so that you can keep your items organised. For example you get a pen and you write down your notes and to do lists and whatnot. When you are done with that pen, instead of putting it down, put it back where you got it and boom it’s already organised. You don’t have a pen that is lying around that you’ll have to fix later on or might completely forget to fix in the first place.


This one is pretty self explanatory. Eat ice cream, eat cake, eat pizza. Life is too short to be restricting yourself. Just know your limitations.

Own what you do.

“Do it with confidence and no one will question you.” I love this quote by one of the YouTubers that I watch. I mean of course as long as it’s not bad or harmful to yourself or to others.

x. C

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