So Let’s Talk About Sunnies Face

If you live in Manila you’ve probably heard of the brand, Sunnies. This year Sunnies have completely taken over the millennial crowd. From their Sunnies Studios sunglasses line to Sunnies Specs, Sunnies Cafe, and now Sunnies Face! People were obsessed with this launch and I really mean OBESSESED! When they launched their lipsticks their site literally crashed in minutes. Unfortunately, we were the sad victims of this crash and we didn’t get our lippies on the first try. They sold out in a snap so we had to wait for the relaunch. SAD THING IS WE ALSO EXPERIENCED THE SAME THING WHEN IT WAS RELAUNCHED. Mind you we stayed up late and really waited for these things to come out but I guess we were just out of luck. Now, it’s November and THANK THE HEAVENS we got to purchase them in Lazada before they got sold out. Though it’s not in the original packaging which was quite disappointing cause I honestly like the original packaging better but oh well! 


Anyways, enough of my semi-shade. Despite the hassle of getting your hands on them the Sunnies Face lippies are actually really great. It’s matte but the formula is so smooth and moisturizing that I often forget that it dries as matte. It’s also quite thick so you don’t actually have to put on too much product for the color to really pop out. 

Lasting Power

I have to be honest, the lasting power of these lipsticks are not that great. They usually come off after an hour or two depending on how much you’re drinking or eating. Though this is the case for most lippies anyways. As a personal preference, I’d much rather have it last a little less than have the formula be drying.  


I do love all the shades and I wish I could buy all of them. The shades are very versatile and I feel like there’s a shade for all skin tones. I particularly like Vacay & Girl Crush.


(from the left: Baked, Major, Girl Crush)

As I said before, I do like the original packaging of the Sunnies Face lipsticks better than this one. Though this Christmas version isn’t bad, I especially like that the top cover shows what shade it is. Oh, how I wish most lipsticks come with that type of cover. It would make rummaging through my lipstick collection so. much. easier. 


Each lippie costs 345php, this is honestly so worth it. Sunnies have always been known for making their prices affordable without compromising the quality and I’m so happy that they manage to follow through each time (yay for local brands!). I’ve bought matte lipsticks worth 1k++ that was complete sh*t and I wish Sunnies Face already existed then so I could have saved myself some money.

Overall, these lippies are 4.8/5. Minus the 0.2 cause it was a hassle to get, oopsies.

x, J

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