The Three Second Rule

Has anyone heard of the five-second rule? The one where you can still eat the food you dropped if it touched the floor for less than five seconds. Do you follow that? I don’t. I have another question. Have you heard of the three-second rule? I have to say this one is completely different from the other.


The three-second rule is practiced in Korean skincare routines and The Klog has a whole article explaining it. The basic concept of this rule is that you go straight to moisturizing yourself (face & body), after you shower. No wiping or drying yourself. It sounds weird I know.  The main point of this is that your skin absorbs the products that you apply to it a lot faster when it is still damp to wet.


I have been doing this for the past few weeks and it took me a while to stop wiping myself dry before going out of the shower. Since my bathroom isn’t inside my room, what I do is wrap myself with a towel and when I get to my room that’s when I lather myself with lotion. It feels weird, to be honest, but it is more attainable than the 10-step skincare routine. Are you willing to try it?

x. C

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