YouTubers I Love Watching

It’s no secret that YouTubers have taken over the internet. I still remember a time when YouTube was just filled with Harry Potter geeks and cover bands. Not that I didn’t love those days as well but the YouTube community has really changed its game. New and younger YouTubers are popping out left and right and I can barely keep up and you probably can’t as well. It could get really overwhelming to find new and good Youtube channels to watch. So, I’m making this post to share with you guys some of my all-time favorite YouTube channels!




Lavendaire is a lifestyle vlogger, she mostly talks about organization, self-care, and overall wellness. Her videos are so satisfying to watch, especially because I feel like she always has her life together which in retrospect makes me want to get my life together. Every time I feel like my life is getting out of hand and unorganized, I just watch one of her videos to pick myself up and get my life together again.



Ever since I’ve discovered YouTube, I’ve always gravitated towards beauty gurus. Mainly because I’ve love makeup, skincare, and all that comes with it (like legit all I know about makeup came from YouTube beauty gurus). But after college, I stopped watching a ton of beauty channels because my interest kind of faded away. Don’t get me wrong, I still looove makeup (and it still consumes most of what’s inside my wallet) it’s probably just that I can’t keep up with all the content coming out nowadays. Though Meejmuse is still one of the beauty channels that I MUST watch. Her videos are so informative and well thought out that I just can’t stop watching it. Honestly speaking, this could also be because she’s Asian and her eye shape/skin type and all are more applicable to me.

Wong Fu Productions


I cannot stress enough about how much I love Wong Fu Productions. I’ve been watching them since I was in High School and they just keep getting better. The stories they tell are so captivating that it’s almost impossible for you not to relate to at least one of their shorts. If you’re looking to watch really amazing filmmakers then Wong Fu’s channel is where you should be.

Special video mention! This video from them is too adorable not to share.

Bart and Geo


I’m not really into a whole lot of daily/not-so-daily vloggers. Mainly because most vlogs like these are around 20-30 minute long videos and I really don’t have the time to sit down and watch them. The only vlogs I really watch religiously are Bart and Geos. They’re from the Just Kidding Films/News/Party crew (which I’ll be talking about in the next paragraph) and they’re a married couple! I love watching their vlogs because of how authentic and candid they are, they’re not too hyperactive or extra like some other vloggers but they’re also not dull and boring. They are just real. You know what I mean? Not to mention, that other than being successful YouTubers, they are all successful entrepreneurs and damn good athletes. They constantly inspire me to do better and work harder.

ALSO! They have a cute baby, littoool baby beaw Taika!

Just Kidding News


You already read about Bart and Geo, so how exactly did I find their channel? Well, I got to know them through Just Kidding News. This channel is a secondary channel they made after Just Kidding Films took off. This is all about talking about random news and current events in the most amusing way possible. This channel is in no way a news reporting channel, it’s more like a talk show and a comedy show combined. I have been watching them for a while now and they have honestly made it into my DAILY routine. Every morning whilst doing my skincare and makeup, I pull up the most recent JK News video and just start listening to it.

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