Dua Lipa was so hot!

Taken from @dualipa / Photographer @pixielevinson

Not gonna lie, I have only known about Dua Lipa since “New Rules” came out. I used to hear it every day and I just got hooked. I started listening to her other songs and I love them. They were so relatable and empowering. I slowly became a fan.

One of my friends told us about Dua Lipa going here and asked us if we wanted to go with her. Without much discussion, we decided to go. We bought the tickets to see her concert the same day it came out and since then we have been so excited to see her live. Not even the typhoon could stop us from seeing her. We were prepared to swim if needed (not really ’cause I can’t swim but you get me).


Dua Lipa was so good! I don’t know how to stress on that enough. Her voice was so amazing. She sounded exactly like how she sounds in the album while dancing. SHE WAS DANCING AND JUMPING AROUND!!! It was so much fun to watch and experience. If you think she is great but you haven’t seen her live then your mind will be blown away when you see her in concert.

I am also slightly convinced that she is part robot. She doesn’t take breaks. Half-way through the concert, we were yelling for water. I don’t know how she does it. The only break we got was the one minute pause during the encore.

Sidenote: I was so happy when I saw her perform in her bra or whatever that top was. I am so used to seeing her wear those kinds of tops that when I see her not wearing them I am surprised. You feel me?

The whole concert was great! I already want her to come back.

x. C

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