What I Feel About Crazy Rich Asians

I’ve been waiting for this film to come out the moment I finished reading the book. Crazy Rich Asians is one of my favorite novels and seeing it on the big screen makes my little Asian fangirl heart melt. The film did not disappoint at all! From the extra-ness of Araminta’s wedding to the devastating cruelty of Eleanor Young, the film has got it all!

A little background about the film/book just in case you have been living under a rock for the past month or so. Crazy Rich Asians is based on a book with the same title by Kevin Kwan. It is about Nick Young and Rachel Chu, an adorable down to earth couple from New York. Little does Rachel know that Nick actually comes from one of the richest families in Asia! Surprise, surprise his family doesn’t deem her worthy of Nick’s love. The story basically goes off from there. Throughout the book & film, you’ll meet all of Nick’s crazy rich cousins, aunties, and of course, his mother and grandmother dun dun dunnnnnn. It is such a captivating story! I definitely recommend that you read the book and watch the film.

We composed a list of why we loved the movie so much!

Helloooo Colin Khooooooooooooo

WE FINALLY HAVE AN ASIAN CHRIS! YAAS! Colin Khoo played by Chris Pang was absolutely gorgeous. Coco can attest to this when I say that I GASPED when Chris Pang first appeared on the screen. I mean look at that face!

Astrid motherf*cking Leong

Astrid was definitely my favorite character in the book and I was so happy to see her finally come to life. I believe that she is truly the most elegant and strong character in this film. I probably cried more because of her and her storyline. I am in awe of how well Gemma Chan portrayed her character. Absolutely perfect!

(SPOILER ALERT) Kina Grannis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love cover and THAT wedding scene

I had no idea Kina Grannis was going to have a special appearance in the film so when she came out singing her version of Can’t Help Falling in Falling in Love, I was so caught off guard! I’ve been a fan of her music for so long and I’m so happy that she is also part of this film.

Let’s not forget the scene that was accompanied by her song! Araminta and Colin’s wedding! AHHH I can’t even begin to explain how EXTRA it was and how I LOVED IT! The water aisle? My goodness! ANNND The heartfelt exchange of Rachel and Nick’s silent I love you’s? Bring on the tissues cause it’s going to be waterworks all around!

That EXTRA EXTRA gorgeous cast

So, I’ve already given Chris Pang and Gemma Chan special mentions, but let’s not forget everyone else! To be honest, the whole cast was so gorgeous it kind of hurt. I mean, who says Asians can’t be sexy? JUST LOOK AT THIS CAST!

Awkwafina is gold

She made Peik Lin’s character just 10 times better! All her scenes we absolutely hilarious and I just can’t imagine this movie without her.


Constance Wu and Henry Golding are so adorable

I absolutely loved the chemistry between these two! To think that this was Henry Golding’s first acting gig completely baffles me. Hope to see these two in more films.


That mahjong scene was INTENSE.

If I remember correctly, this scene wasn’t in the books. So, when I was watching it I’m pretty sure I held my breath in the whole time. It was pure perfection, especially when I read about what those mahjong tiles meant.

Okay, can we talk about that after credits scene with Charlie Wu.

I really wish that Charlie Wu had more of an impact in the film like how he did in the books but I’m glad that they managed to show him by the end of the film! I can’t wait to see how they’ll make this pan out in the sequel!

Are you tired of me fangirling yet? I can go on and on about this film but I’ll stop here. Til’ the next post!

x, J

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