BLK Travels Lipstick Set


We bought new lipsticks!!!!!!!! Recently, I haven’t really been buying lipsticks and makeup in general. This is cause I’ve collected hoarded a bunch of makeup in the last couple of years and I’m pretty sure I’m never going to be able to finish them before they expire. This is especially the case for my lipsticks BUTTTTTTTT I just couldn’t resist this set. I saw it on BLK’s Instagram and instantly fell in love with the adorable packaging! I obviously have a weakness when it comes to cute packaging. Whatchu gonna do right?


Formulation (4.5/5)

If I’m being honest with you guys I really got surprised with the quality of these lipsticks. I’m not really a fan of matte lipsticks since my lips are fairly dry and I’ve heard that BLK’s mattes are not as hydrating so I’ve steered clear from them for a while now. Though, this set proves all my assumptions wrong. It’s not the most hydrating compared to non-matte shades but my dry lips seem to be very okay with it. Not to mention that the pigmentation is amazing! You just need one swipe and you’re good to go!


Lasting Power (3/5)

A good thing about these lipsticks is that the lasting power is pretty impressive as well. Now, it does fade throughout the day but it takes its time. I managed to eat sangyeopsal (Korean BBQ) and still keep it on so I would say that’s pretty good. Another thing is that these lipstick do transfer, so you also have to be careful!

Shades (4/5)

I love how most of these shades are so wearable and could fit almost all skin tones. I could wear any of these on a daily basis! My only wish is that they had at least one coral or orange-y shade. This is just to fit my personal preference since corals and oranges are my favourite.

My favourite: Philippines

Coco’s favourite: Australia


Packaging (5/5)

Do you remember back then when you used to play with legos? The packaging kind of reminds me of that but cuter and matte! The animal illustrations are just adorable and it all comes in a tiny tiny size.

I can definitely see myself bringing all these shades when I go and travel since one of my biggest dilemmas when packing is WHAT LIPSTICKS SHOULD I BRING? HOW MANY? WHAT IF I DONT HAVE ENOUGH OPTIONS? I kid you not when I say that I will bring over 10 different shades of lipsticks.. for an overnight event. These lipsticks would be such space savers! Here is a size comparison against BLK’s regular sized lipstick.


Price (5/5)

The whole set costs 1,047php, which I don’t find that bad since you get 6 different shades. These also come in sets of two, just in case you don’t want to purchase all 6.

Overall, I don’t regret this impulse purchase at all!

x, J

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