30 Song Challenge (Part 1)


Let’s start this off by saying that this post is actually inspired by this random 30-Day song challenge I saw on Twitter. The original photo had no credit in it so, credits to whoever made this challenge. I tried to do the day-by-day posting on twitter but sadly failed due to the fact that I forgot about it and, honestly, I just got too lazy to do it for 30 days straight. So, I figured I should just list down the 30 songs in the blog instead! I’m going to cut this into two parts of 15 since 30 songs is a lot to take in.

Disclaimer! I’m no music critic, these are just what I like and what I would normally listen to.

#1 A song with a colour in the title.

Paint it Black by Andy Black \\ (Listen)

Absolutely love this song and artist. Andy Black (Biersack) has one of the deepest and beautiful voices I have ever heard. I’m pretty sure that his album, The Shadow Side, is in my top 5 favourite albums of all time.

#2 A song with a number in the title.

21 by Dean \\ (Listen)

Dean is another artist that never ceases to amaze me, the way his angelic voice mixes with his beats is just… divine.

#3 A song that reminds you of summer.

Despacito by Justin Bieber \\ (Listen)

Okay, a little bit cliche but Despacito really does remind me of summer. Specifically, the summer I spent in Hong Kong with my friends. Which you can read about here.

#4 A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget.

Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift \\ (Listen)

No comment. bye.

#5 A song that needs to be played out loud.

Hard Times by Paramore \\ (Listen)

Any song from this album should really be played out loud anyways.

#6 A song that makes you wanna dance

Dally by Hyolyn \\ (Listen)

YAAAS GURL. If this song doesn’t make you want to dance then you really need to evaluate your taste.

#7 A song to drive to.

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman \\ (Listen)

I never get tired of listening to this in the car. The song is so chill and raw, it’s b e a u t i f  u l.

#8 A song about drugs or alcohol.

Sober by Demi Lovato \\ (Listen)

One of the most honest and vulnerable songs Demi Lovato has ever released and I’m so proud of her for being so strong and open about all her struggles against her addiction. Truly an inspiration.

#9 A song that makes you happy

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship \\ (Listen)

Best karaoke song ever!

#10 A song that makes you sad.

Everything’s an Illusion by Mayday Parade \\ (Listen)

I think this song perfectly summarizes every reason why I think the world is cruel and unfair. The lyrics of this song definitely hits close to home. Mayday Parade managed to condense my feelings into one beautifully written song.

#11 A song you never get tired of.

Take on the World by You Me at Six \\ (Watch)

Another fairly emotional song. As I have been writing this post I’ve had this song on repeat for about an hour now and it’s just so captivating. The emotion that pours out of everyone in the band while they perform is just unbelievable. Personally, I like the live version more than the recording and that’s why I’m linking performance instead of the Spotify link.

#12 A song from your preteen years.

Swear it Again by Westlife \\ (Listen)

Westlife was my first ever boyband love and nothing has changed.

#13 A song you like from the 70s.

Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees \\ (Listen)

I love this mostly because I also love Daniel Sturridge. Watch this to get the reference.

#14 A song you’d love to be played at your wedding

All My Life by Kina Grannis \\ (Listen)

I first heard this song when I watched Single By 30 and it’s the sweetest!

#15 A song you like that’s a cover by another artist.

D (Half Moon) by Day6 (Originally by Dean) \\ (Watch)

Any cover by Day6 is honestly perfect but this one, in particular, is the song I can’t stop listening to.

Til’ the next post!

x, J

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