Raw Bites June 2018 Box

Hello, lovely people of the internet! It’s another month which means I got another Raw Bites Box. Now I’m gonna let you know now that this box is not as good for me as the one last month.


GF = Gluten Free • O = Organic • NS = Natural Sugars • V = Vegan • NP = No Preservatives

1. Simplee Aloe – Apple & mango aloe vera juice • V •

2. Rude Health – Mini coconut drink • GF • O • V •

3. Pip & Nut – Almond butter sachet • V •

I tried the Simplee Aloe drink and let me tell you it is something. I honestly don’t know how to explain it. But if I really have to, then I would say that it tastes like pineapple juice. It’s like pineapple juice that you had forgotten in your fridge for about a week and it has possibly gone rotten. If it isn’t obvious yet I am not a fan.


4. Roobar – Maca cranberry raw fruit bar • GF • O • V •

5. Pulsin – Mint choco chip protein bar • GF • V •

6. Bear Yo-yo’s – Raspberry fruit rolls • V •

Packaging makes me expect a lot. I just assume that when it looks good, it will taste good as well. That wasn’t the case for the Roobar. I brought it with me when I attended an event just in case I got hungry. Let’s just say I was glad Jeff brought other snacks or I would have gotten very snacky. One bite and I was out. I have never tried so hard to make food not touch my tongue.

The Bear Yo-yo’s, on the other hand, was good. I will say that it isn’t for everyone though. It tastes exactly like the Chinese candy Haw flakes. It’s an acquired taste.


7. Hippeas -In herb we trust chickpea puffs • O • V •

8. Rude Health – Almond butter porridge sample pack • V •

9. Roo’biotic – Ginseng kale energy ball • GF • O • V •

10. Superfood Grocer – flax seeds • V •

Those were the contents of this month’s raw box. Which one would you like to try?

x. Coco

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