April Skin // Turn Up Color Treatment in Red

Today we’ll be talking about a new “venture” me and Coco tried out. SELF HAIR DYE! I think I have been dying my hair for about 9-10 years now and I have never tried doing it on my own. Mainly because I’m was too scared to mess it up and I couldn’t be bothered to learn how to do it right. But recently our friend, Kaz (hallo Kaz~) gave us the April Skin Turn Up Color Treatment in Red & Peach Pink. So, we decided what the hell!


Obviously, I took the red colour and here it is right after I washed off the dye. In the box, it says to leave on the dye for around 20 minutes but since I’m not completely blonde I let it sit for around an hour instead. I was honestly surprised at how vibrant the colour turned up.


Here it is one week after we used the treatment (taken with flash photography). It still looked the same and the red was still vibrant. Though you can tell that the colours are already fading near my fringe area. This is probably because, on the days I don’t wash my hair, I still (obviously) wash my face and the front part of my hair still gets wet which causes the dye in that area to fade faster.

Fun fact: I have really damaged hair from the years of hair dye so I only wash my hair every other day to keep it from becoming dry. I also use Argan oil to hydrate my hair on days I do wash it.


Two weeks later! The dye has faded enough for my hair to look near its original colour before the treatment. Though there are still some red tones there, it’s still mostly back to brown.

Okay, so I’m gonna list down some of my overall thoughts about this product:


  • The box comes with gloves & a cape to keep your skin & clothes from getting stained. Which saves you the hassle of having to buy plastic gloves!
  • After I washed off the dye, my hair smelled A M A Z I N G. It also felt softer and smoother. Such a plus since I really hate the smell of salon hair dye.
  • I really like the shade of red that came out of it. It wasn’t too dark or too neon-y, it was just right.


  • If you’re planning on using this, expect to stain everything in your house. I managed to stain Coleen’s bathtub, my stuffed toys, my pillows, and my towels. It will continue to do that for about 7 days. So fair warning, stay away from your whites.
  • It really doesn’t last long. This treatment would be better if you’re planning to do a shoot with red hair or you’re going on vacation and you want your photos to look cool. But it’s not really ideal if you wanna be a redhead for a while. Dyeing you’re hair every two weeks just seems like a hassle to me.
  • The bottle might not be enough if you have really thick hair. I managed to finish the whole bottle and I only dyed half my hair.

There you have it! All in all, I loved the product, it didn’t damage my hair (just my sheets) it lasted long enough for me not to get tired of it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try out self-dyeing for the first time.

I’ll be trying out Etude’s version of this treatment in a few weeks! Watch out for that post! hihi

x, J

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