What It’s Like To Work at A Photo Studio

Some of you might not know but besides working on the blog, Jeff and I also share the same day job. We both work in a photo studio called Creative and Beyond Photography. In the studio, as you can imagine, we have loads of photoshoots of various kinds. Sometimes we take photos of clients and sometimes we take photos of products.


When we shoot we usually come up with different pegs so we can make the most of our time and have different options. Obviously, with each peg, there are different set-ups. We have to check the lighting and the props and how the item or the client will look like with each shot. With that said, Jeff and I usually end up being the models for the test shots. They usually come out nice and we look cute in them…Lies. These are just some of the outcomes of us being the test shots. Seriously there is a lot more than these. We just chose the most decent ones.


Here is Jeff holding the baby of our client. She is simultaneously being the test shot and babysitting. It was a loud day at the studio. Just imagine a baby crying and three girls trying so hard to make the baby smile and laugh. We eventually got to do that… after the shoot. We crii.


Doing photoshoots are honestly really tiring but taking all these funny shots really do make it fun. It gives us so many laughs when we go through it at the end and see the stupid poses we pull.

How about you? What do you do? Tell us all about it. We’d love to hear it.

x. Coco

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