10 Facts About Coco

If you’ve read Coco’s blog post, then you already know that this year we’re celebrating 10 years of our friendship!! We met when we were still in elementary school and it’s been one heck of a ride since then. Because we’ve known each other for so long it’s not hard to believe that we know A LOT of weird facts about each other. Well, you already know about my weird facts, here are Coco’s!


(1) Coco eats cereal with………. WATER.

YES, you read that right. Cereal with water. Coco absolutely loves bland and gross tasting food so it’s not really a surprise that she does this foolishness.

(2) Her favourite film is I am Sam

Even though this film makes her cry like a newborn baby, this will always be her favourite film.

(3) Coco’s dreams are long as fuck.

She literally has dreams that have different scenes, settings, and progression. Her subconscious is probably designed like a film set. Sometimes we can spend 15 – 20 mins just talking about the sequence of her dream from the night before.

(5) She doesn’t own any essential clothes.

Need a plain black t-shirt? She doesn’t have one. How about a plain white t-shirt? Nope. Black shorts? Yeah.. no.

Fun fact: She once skipped out on a modelling go-see because they were required to wear black tank tops and she didn’t own one.

Coco’s style is definitely fab and she buys the cutest outfits BUT she still hasn’t found the willpower to buy the basics.


(6) Cinnamon is her worst enemy.

She’s highly allergic to cinnamon so we can never eat in Cinnabon together. S A D N E S S.

(7) She loves bathing suits but hates the water.

Coco has a slight bathing suit obsession but it will take at least 3 people to get her in the water. May it be a swimming pool or at the beach. She will absolutely not get in unless you force her.

(8) Her future kitchen is already planned out.

If she could only design one room in her entire house, it would probably be the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, Coco is no cook BUT she loooooves refrigerators and other kitchen appliances. Just take a look at her Pinterest!

(9) She owns an infinite amount of lipsticks in various shades of red.

Coco says she wants to explore different coloured lipsticks BUT she always gravitates towards red. ALL. THE. TIME.

(10) She can’t spell. 

So, our High School friends have a group chat in Telegram and if you use Telegram you know that you can play games in the chat. We play a game called Quizarium (it gets really intense by the way), it’s basically a game where you answer a bunch of questions as fast as you can. Coco has lost soooo many times because she spelt the answers wrong, it’s hilarious.

There you have it! 10 facts about Coco!

x, J 



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