10 Facts About Jeff

Jeff and I have been friends since we were in the 6th grade. Ever since we became friends have been inseparable. We thought we’d go to different colleges and that didn’t happen. We chose two different courses but still ended up being blockmates for the whole four years of our college life. Now we even work together.

This year marks our 10th year of friendship. How we manage to tolerate each other’s crazy self after a decade of friendship? I have no idea. We seriously ask each other this numerous times.

Since we have been friends for a decade, we decided it would be fun to write a blog post that lists down facts about each other. So here are 10 random facts about Jeff.


1. Eggs all day, errday.

Jeff claims that she can eat eggs every single day — sunny-side-up, scrambled, omelette, hard boiled. You name it, Jeff will eat it. Her favourite is a good old sunny-side-up egg though. She has it for her breakfast every day.

2. Jeff is a sound machine.

If like me, you spend the whole day with Jeff, you will realise that she makes loads of random sounds for the most random reasons. Sometimes there isn’t even any reason. At times the sound making is confusing and weird but at one point I learned to just tune it out.

3. Playlist obsessed.

Jeff literally has a playlist for everything. She loves making them. Before she started using Spotify, she would copy Spotify playlists in her Apple Music account. She has made 25 playlists. I don’t know if she actually manages to listen to all of those but if you don’t consider that playlist obsessed I don’t know what is.

4. Mixed bowls for the win.

Jeff loves mixing her food together. The idea of mixing food together and being able to eat in a bowl is always good for Jeff. I honestly don’t know why she does but she always talks about having bowls instead of plates in her future home.

5. Bathroom Goals.

Jeff is very into what the future bathrooms of her future home will look like. She has a Pinterest board dedicated to it.


6. Paint smell is bad.

Jeff is allergic to the smell of paint. When he gets a whiff of paint smell she will get sick. However, she made this plan of painting her jars but since she can’t smell the pain I offered to be the one to paint. Of course, I don’t want my friend to die all because she smelled the paint. That is just sad.

7. Chocoholic

Jeff loves chocolate. She looks for it, I wanna say, on a daily basis. She doesn’t have it daily but she surely craves for it a lot. Like A LOT.

8. Coco’s food = yuck.

Jeff doesn’t like a lot of the foods I like. Yoghurt? No. Taro? No. Mushroom? … Mushroom soup yes, anything else no. Eggplant? Nope. Vegetarian curry? No. The struggle to share food it somewhat real.

9. No touching of feet.

Jeff doesn’t like anyone touching her feet. She also doesn’t like it showing unless she is wearing sandals. I’m not entirely sure why she hates it but she does. She doesn’t even get pedicures ’cause that would mean someone not only touches but also looks at her feet.

10. Parawhore.

Jeff is a huge Paramore fan. I cannot stress enough how much she loves them. She has been a fan since I met her. She even died her hair red before because of Hayley.

Well, there you go, folks. That has been 10 facts about Jeff.

x. Coco

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