My Non-Existent Modeling Career

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should, here it is) you would have seen by now how much modeling photos I post. My account doesn’t even showcase how much modeling photos I have. I used to have a different account for this but because of my petty reasons, I moved to a new one earlier this year.


Believe it or not, I used to hate it when people took photos of me. I felt shy. Before Jeff was the only person I knew who loved taking photos, she would constantly take random photos but needed a model. Being her best friend, I became the chosen one. The catch was that I only let her took photos of my back. Throughout college, that’s when I would model for her but I was still very conscious of what I was doing and if people were watching me.


Soon after, I slowly got comfortable in front of the camera and that’s when I realized I wanted to model. It just felt natural to be posing in front of a camera. I also didn’t mind the people watching me, it’s not like I’ll see them again. I enjoyed modeling so much that I thought about going to go-sees (basically an audition for models) but I can never meet one of the requirements—the height.  They usually require female models to be at least 5’9″ and I am four inches short, annoying right? I may not fit the requirements for go-sees but at least I fit the requirements of my photographer friends (because they love me). There was a point where Jeff’s IG feed was filled with my face. I swear her IG feed seemed like a fan page for me. We would plan photoshoots together with different concepts and we would invite our other friends to model.



The more photo shoots I do the more I wanted to be a model and my friends were very much my support system. They have never failed to reassure me that I look good in my photos and that I am doing a good job at it. They are honestly one of the reasons why I still love doing this (Well, that got a bit cheesy).


I am also very fortunate where I work. Besides the fact that I work in a photo studio, the people I work with also are very supportive of my want to model. They took the effort to take all these photos (and videos) just because I liked my outfit and the fact that I was excited about my hoop earrings.

One door was closed for me in terms of my modeling career, but I like to think that with the things I am doing now and the support of the people around me, I can open a new door. I don’t know how long it’ll take but hey I’m enjoying every step of the way.


Bonus photo of my earrings (from H&M). I suddenly got into hoop earrings. I love them so much. They are so fun to wear.

x. Coco

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