When Shoots Don’t Go as Planned

Another day, another shoot. Since I work in a photo studio, I do a lot of photoshoots. Usually, along with Jeff, I just help out with the art direction of the whole shoot and I’m usually the test shot model. But when we have the time or a peg we really want to do, we have our own personal shoots where Jeff is the photographer and I do the directing.

This shoot was inspired by Blanc and Eclare. We got our old high school batchmates and my brother to model for us and I have to say that our peg was very much achieved even though some things didn’t go as planned.


Don’t you just love how Laureen was totally vibing with the plants? She looks like she is surrounded by a bunch of trees and nature, but in reality, she was just standing by our gate.  The touch of the sun hat was also the cherry on top of this already lovely looking scene.


We were supposed to shoot in this giant field near my house because during the time of day when we shot this, the lighting there was beautiful. But you know you gotta expect the unexpected, apparently, we weren’t allowed to go inside that field. So instead, these photos of me were literally taken in the middle of the street.


As if losing our ideal location wasn’t enough of a hassle, at one point we also started losing the sunlight and that’s one of the most important elements to this shoot. But no worries, we managed to make it work. We used the car headlights. You read that right, headlights. We sat on the ground and started posing in front of a car. Can you imagine how funny we looked? We didn’t even fix our stuff on the road. We just left them scattered all over the place. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do, right?


To end this post, here are bonus photos of me and my brother being aesthetic and all. I had to guide him with the posing ’cause he was being shy.

For more photos, click here.

x. Coco