Why ‘Love, Simon’ Was Beautiful

Before I get started I’ll just explain what Paper & Pixels is. I wouldn’t really call these posts “reviews” cause god knows Coco and I are not professional critics in any way. This is more of a let’s-talk-about-shit-we’ve-watched-or-read-or-listened-to-segment. Me and Coco consume so much pop-culture that it’s kind of hard not to end up talking about all of it. We want this to be a fun space where we can all cry, laugh, and fangirl over fictional characters together.


I’ve been seeing the trailer for this film since late last year and I’ve been excited for its release since then. I am so happy I’ve FINALLY gotten the chance to watch it and as expected, I LOVED IT. Here are a few reasons why:

The Panic! at the Disco references


I can’t possibly write this post without mentioning the hilarious Panic! at the Disco references.

Having loveeeed P!ATD when I was in High School myself, those little moments in the film definitely brought back some good memories.

Umm, can we just talk about the gorgeous cast?


Okay, let me just be a high school teenager again and fangirl for a couple of sentences.

Keiynam Lonsdale (Wally West.. from the Flash oh my god), Nick Robinson, aaand Josh Duhamel? Dear lord, take me away!

Of course, I can’t forget about the beautiful ladies of the film! Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp, and Jennifer Garner! UGH HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE LADIES?!

Honestly, did not know who Nick Robinson and Alexandra Shipp were until I watched this film. But nonetheless, they did an amazing performance and I can’t wait to see more from them.

— fangirling done —

The movie was feel good as f*ck!


It’s absolutely impossible to come out of the movie theatre without feeling a sense of joy. From beginning to end the film was so light-hearted and sweet. Even the characters I thought would annoy me I ended up loving by the end of the film.

Will definitely make you cry though. But a good kind of cry,  you know what I mean?



To be honest, I don’t have any knowledge as to how it is to be gay or what it would be like to have to come out to your family and peers. This is something most of us don’t really think about because a lot of us don’t have to go through it. What’s good about this film is that it sheds a light on how difficult it really is. Even if you do have accepting parents and forward-thinking friends, I imagine it would still be a pretty difficult situation for anyone to be in. Definitely a must see! Especially for parents.

There you have it loves, why Love, Simon was so damn beautiful.

x, J

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