Raw Bites May 2018 Box

If you know me, then you’ll probably know that I love snacks. A lot. I even carry them around just in case I get hungry and can’t buy food. It’s an important thing to me. With that said, I heard about Raw Bites Box around July last year. It’s a snack box subscription. But they don’t just provide any kind of snacks. They provide ~healthy~ snacks from different parts of the world. According to the information sheet that comes with the box, all the snacks they provide contain natural sugars, no preservatives, and has no artificial flavourings. This is so good for me since I do try (note: I said I try, not I do) to eat healthily and fail most of the time. I wanted to get the subscription that time but for some reason, I never did.

After almost a year of finding out about the subscription and the fact that my snacking habit grew more and more unhealthy, I decided to go for it. I went for the regular box which has ten snacks in the box per month. If you do choose to go premium, you get 15 snacks per month.

I decided that I’m going to show you guys what’s inside each box I get each month and let you know what are my thoughts on it. So let’s start with the May box, shall we?


GF = Gluten Free • O = Organic • NS = Natural Sugars • V = Vegan • NP = No Preservatives

1. Rhythm 108 – Chocolate tea biscuits.  • GF • O • V •

2. Deliciously Ella – Cacao and almond energy balls. • GF • V •

3. The Giving Tree – Freeze-dried strawberries. • GF • V •

4. Hippeas – Far out fajita chickpea puffs. • GF • O • V •


5. Pulsin – Super seed and maple porridge oat bar. • GF • V •

6. Doisy & Dam – Goji and orange dark chocolate. • GF • V •

7. Pip & Nut – Coconut almond butter sachet. • V •

8. Teapigs – Matcha shot. • O • V •

Personally, I really like the Doisy & Dam dark chocolate bar. It has this bitter fruity flavour but not in a gross way. It also has a cute packaging so plus points. The only downside to it is that it’s a small bar. Jeff and I halved it and after a few bites, it was gone. Jeff tried the Pip and Nut almond butter. She said it was good but there was a weird tangy aftertaste… like you can taste the health. It’s something she would gladly eat again but in moderation.


9. Rebel Kitchen – Vanilla mylk. • GF • O • V •

10. Oloves – Lemon rosemary natural green pitted olives. • V •

I tried the Oloves and wasn’t a big fan. I took one bite and spit it right out. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it but I didn’t want it to go to waste. I tried to get Jeff to taste it but she had her foot down on no. I did enjoy the Rebel Kitchen’s coconut milk though. I don’t know why but I just love non-dairy kinds of milk. With that said, that is everything in the May Raw Bites Box. Let me know which one you want to try the most in the comments down below.

x, Coco


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