A Trip to Baler, Philippines

Hi, Hello, Anneyeong!

Before we get into the Baler trip, we would just like to say… WELCOME TO OUR BLOG!
This post would be the first post we publish as Coco & Jeff. (Anything before this post was written and imported from our previous separate blogs.) We hope you enjoy following our crazy as f*ck adventures!



For our first trip this year, we went local! We went to the sandy beaches of Aurora, Baler. Together with Jeff’s family, we stayed at the Sands and Stars beach resort. There we were met with unlimited amounts and variations of tapsilog (garlic-fried rice (sinangag), and fried egg (itlog) are combined into one meal. via. wikipedia) and strong waves that can literally pull you into the sea.


We rented out two airconditioned huts to sleep in and also got cosy tents, which sits right in front of the beach! The perfect place for family bonding time.

If you’re wondering, that is us playing exploding kittens with Jeff’s brother, cousin, and nephew. (Jeff won 90% of the time).


Even though Coco is generally scared of water, she managed to take a leap and get in! With the push help of Jeff’s family of course.



We also managed to go surfing! But… can you really call it surfing if we never actually got to stand up on the board? Oh well, whatever! At least we tried right?

I think this was also the first time we inhaled that much salt water in a span of an hour, oopies! But, AGAIN… AT. LEAST. WE. TRIED.Baler-CNJ-9

From battling the strong waves to doing absolutely nothing, the Baler trip was the first of hopefully many more trips we’re gonna take this year!

Bonus pictures of us getting hungry and a very aesthetic photo of Jeff’s brother whilst he’s talking to a camera about finding Godzilla. 



x, Coco & Jeff

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