A Break From The City

I haven’t gone to the beach in so long! I’m not really a beach person because I’m scared of the open water (water in general actually) but I do love playing around the shoreline. A couple of weeks ago I managed to go for an overnight vacation with my dad to Masamirey Cove in Pangasinan.
The drive up to the place was very long. Nine hours to be exact. I’m not very good with long drives. I get very car sick fast so you can imagine how hard the drive was for me. I tried to sleep for most of it but our Waze was not very nice. It made us take a route that isn’t the normal way so we slightly got lost. We had to ask for directions and everyone just kept telling us that we should’ve gone the other way. Even if we didn’t go the right way, we had fun getting lost and making jokes about it. The view wasn’t bad as well.
Getting there made the long drive worth it. The place was pretty. The sand had a lovely creamy colour and the water, oh the water, it was so blue and clear. I loved it. Especially since I don’t like going into the parts where I can’t see the ground (?) anymore. It was also surprisingly warm even during the night time.
Besides the beach, the resort also had a pool. They had a kiddie pool and one for adults. I didn’t get to enjoy the pool area too much. The adult pool was too deep for me and there were too many kids in the kiddie pool. Yes, I considered staying in the kiddie pool.
The overall experience was good. I wish it was more than an overnight stay but it was better than not going at all. It was a very much needed break from the city.

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