5 Shows You Should Probably Watch

Sooo, last week was kind of sad and heavy wasn’t it? I’ll try to keep it light this time around.

This week I’ll be listing my top five favorite TV shows of all time (well as of August 2017). Mind you, I watch a lot of TV shows and I mean A LOT. Shows are basically the reason why I have a very limited social life. You could just imagine how hard it was for me to list down just five. So, whatever I list down here has my definite seal of binge-worthy approval.


Scarlet Ryeo.jpg

I’m starting this off with a Korean Drama, if you already watch Korean Dramas then I’m sure you’ve heard of this show. It’s a historical drama (old Korea time like kings, queens, etc) about this girl from the future and seven Princes fighting for the throne. This is by far simplest way I could possibly explain it, but like with most Korean dramas, it’s way more complicated than that. Scarlet Heart Ryeo is probably the most heartbreaking dramas I have ever watched. It had a knack for making you fall in love with a character and then ripping them away from you two seconds later. I’m not selling this show very well, am I?

But trust me it’s really really good, though I wouldn’t suggest it for the faint-hearted.



There is no way I’m making a TV show recommendation list without putting FRIENDS in it. This one is a classic and if you haven’t watched a single episode from it, then I suggest you go ahead, close this tab, and head on to Netflix and binge watch that shit right now. Do I really need to explain further? I JUST LOVE THIS SHOW AND YOU SHOULD TOO.


Desperate Housewives.jpg

Yes, you read that right. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. I am absolutely obsessed with this show. If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s about four housewives living in the same neighborhood. This show is 8 seasons of pure suburban FUN AND FUCKED UP. It’ll probably have you thinking ‘what the fuck just happened?!’ every 5 episodes and make you think twice about what your neighbors really do behind closed doors.


Doctor Who.jpg

Speaking of shows that make you go “what the fuck?”, here’s another one for you. Doctor Who, undoubtedly one of the longest running British TV shows out there. It’s a sci-fi show about a 900-year-old time traveler called the Doctor. The Doctor is basically your time traveling superhero with a fondness for humans and a whole bucket loneliness of issues. If you love aliens, science, and all the shabby special effects that come with it then you will definately want to binge watch this.

(btw, the Doctor doesn’t technically die. He regenerates into a new body every time he ‘dies’ that’s why he doesn’t look like a wrinkly old 900-year-old man.)



Dexter, your friendly neighborhood serial killer. Doesn’t that sound fun? Dexter doesn’t just kill people, he kills bad people and only bad people. This show will take you deep into the mind of a serial killer with principles. Throughout the 8 seasons, you will get to see him grow, lose his morale, become more and more human and eventually develop real relationships with the people around him while attending to his ‘dark urges’.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve rewatched this show. I don’t think I’ve ever rewatched a show as much as I have with Dexter. The characters are all so loveable and as dark and twisted Dexter can be, his character actually has a good sense of humor. Which makes the show even better. Definitely, binge-watch worthy.

aaand that’s it! I hope you found something worthy of your Netflix time.

Til’ next week loves.

x, J

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