Touring With The Tourists

Hong Kong was my first ever trip outside of the country with my family. Everything we did on this trip was very much touristy. The experience was something that was well at times annoying but at times great.
Our first stop was the Avenue of Stars. It’s like Hong Kong’s take on the famous ‘Walk of Fame’ in LA and let me tell you it was very crowded there. If being around a lot of humans is not your thing then I don’t think this place is for you but with all the said it’s a pretty cool place.
The Jumbo Kingdom is if I am¬†not mistaken the largest floating restaurant in the world. No, we didn’t eat in here we just went near it. And yes, I had to ride a boat to get close to it. We rode a small traditional style boat called a “sampan”. Personally, it was scary because the thought of falling off the boat or the boat sinking entered my head and as long as I was on that boat it wasn’t gonna go away.
Before we headed to mainland china, of course, we had to go to Disneyland. There are no words that can describe how fun it was being there. If I can go to any Disneyland once a week, I would be a very happy girl. Yes, I know I’m 18 but I will always be 5 by heart.
Dumbo, my spirit animal in terms of the ears ^_^
The mandatory Disneyland photo
xo. C
This trip was last May 2015, but I moved it here from my tumblr.

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